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The Armadillo RV-HOSE is ideal for the RV and Camping industry. This product has been tailored to accommodate RV enthusiasts. Nickel-plated, crush-proof couplings and reinforced nylon-grade tubing provides campers a fresh water hose that distributes clean odorless and tasteless water. The Armadillo's superior durability also provides resilience to destructive pets and rodents. This product is also compatible with heat tape.

RV & Camp Ground Friendly

~ Heat Tape Compatible
~ Animal/Rodent Proof
~ Drink Safe Non-Toxic Hose
~ Light Weight for Storage Convenience
~ Shell Constructed of Galvanized Steel
~ Kink-Free Design
~ Temp Guard (Safe to handle 30-130 F)
~ 200 PSI Durability Rating
~ Residue Free
~ Corrosion & Debris Resistant
~ Compatible with all 5/8 water fixtures
~ Crush Proof Nickel Coated Couplings
~ All Weather Grips


6, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100

12 lbs Per 25' Unit

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