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frequently asked questions

Does the Armadillo become hot to the touch after being in direct sun for long durations?
The shell of The Armadillo is constructed of reduced wall aluminum (RWA) & tempered alloy, which makes the product sun & heat safe up to 130 Fahrenheit (aluminum minimizes heat conduction). The shell becomes warm in extreme temperatures but is not “hot to the touch”, and can be picked up & held in temperatures (up to 130 F). We do not recommend using the Armadillo water hose in tempatures exceeding 130 Fahrenheit or other hot water applications.

Is the shell of the Armadillo capable of cause fires or burns after sitting in the sun for long periods of time?
No, the Armadillo hose is not capable of starting fires after sitting in direct sun light up to 130 F. The shell of The Armadillo is constructed of reduced wall aluminum (RWA) & tempered alloy, which minimizes heat conduction.

Is the Armadillo water hose capable of rusting?
The Armadillo shell is composed of tempered alloy, which provides superior corrosion resistance. The Armadillo water hose can be used in your swimming pool year round or any salt water ocean or lake applications without rusting or deteriorating.

Can you run over the Armadillo with cars and trucks or heavy loads?
Yes and No. We do not recommend bearing heavy weight loads on The Armadillo hose as the shell of the product is subject to “cracking” with significant amounts of pressure. However, The Armadillo will continue to function normally if outer shell is cracked but the dull edges of the interior shell will be exposed and the product will not be as “aesthetically appealing” to some consumers.

How does the weight of your water hose compare to that of a standard garden hoses?
The shell of The Armadillo has a comparable weight to standard industrial rubber or vinyl garden hoses. The Armadillo weighs approximately 15 lbs per 50 ft of hose where as a heavy industrial rubber hose can weigh up to 12.5 lbs. per 25 ft of hose.

Is the Armadillo hose 100% indestructible?
No, The Armadillo is considered extremely durable but not indestructible.

What is the difference between the Dura Hose & the Chew-Proof Hose?
The Dura Hose product is exactly the same product as our Chew-Proof product. Great Terrain opted to select two types of packaging for the Armadillo Water Hose in order to cross-market our product into the pet industry while at the same time offer a recognizable brand to the home, garden, agriculture, construction, RV, service, and marine industries. NOTE: The Dura Hose package contains two replacement heavy-duty nickel plated couplings.

What makes the Armadillo hose 100% kink-free?
The outer shell of the conduit has greater flexibility & bend ratio than industry standard rubber hoses but at the same time does not allow the interior hose to kink, twist, or tangle. The RWA conduit is constructed with built in flexibility for simplified positioning which provides an innovative kink-free alternative to standard rubber or vinyl hoses that otherwise compress or kink when pulled around sharp corners, or knot when pulled back or looped over.

Does the Armadillo work with all 5/8” garden applications?
Yes, The Armadillo water hose is compatible with various 5/8" sprinkler components and watering devices – including standard hose reels.

Can the Armadillo water hose be used for organic watering purposes?
Yes, The Armadillo is an ideal product for use in any gardening application as the interior hose is constructed of FDA smooth-grade, non-toxic PVC tubing with reinforced polyester braid.

What is the difference between the drink-safe FDA hose and the garden hose I have now?
Industry standard water hoses have been known to cause brain damage and growth defects in children who drink from hoses that have been heated in the sun, which can cause dangerous amounts of lead to leach into the water. This is a potential hazard especially for children who drink from hoses or play in hose spray (Reference: California Environmental Health/CEH. Under California's toxic law Proposition 65, CEH sued the producers for hoses that leach lead into water.) The Armadillo’s unique construction provides a drink-safe, play-safe product. Dogs will no longer be able to chew and swallow dangerous rubber or vinyl fragments of standard water hoses. In addition, nickel plated crush proof couplings are used to eliminate the leaching of lead traces commonly found in industry standard hoses.

If the shell is cracked is the exposed metal capable of causing cuts?
For liability purposes, if the shell of the conduit cracks or is shredded Great Terrain recommends that you discontinue use of that particular unit even if the hose continues to function normally. The coil of the cracked conduit has a dull edge (which is more likely to scrape than cut) but if shredded by a heavy blade the unit may expose sharp edges.

Does your product have a warranty?
The Armadillo water hose comes with a limited manufacturer's defect warranty.

What is Great Terrain’s product return policy?
If your Armadillo water hose experiences a manufacturing defect or does not function normally under normal wear and tear, Great Terrain will provide you with a replacement unit free of charge (within one year of your original purchase). If ordering online we would instruct you to contact Great Terrain corporate head quarters directly by phone or email. If purchasing from local retail outlet you would return your Armadillo unit directly to the store of purchase with receipt or proof of purchase.

Is the Armadillo electrically conductive?
No, the 1/4" RWA shell covering provides protection for the non-toxic electrically non-conductive PVC interior by preventing UV deterioration, abrasion and over stretching or melting (the effect that takes place when a standard rubber or vinyl garden hose heats up causing the hose to stretch from the inside causing loss of overall water pressure).

If my dog chews on metal objects will The Armadillo cause damage to his teeth?
No, the canine enamels are denser than the aluminum based alloy conduit. Chewing of The Armadillo results with teeth indentations of the outer shell opposed to damaging your dog’s teeth or mouth while preserving/protecting the interior rubber hose. Generally speaking, The Armadillo’s exterior alloy shell deters dogs from attempting such destruction.

Can I leave the Armadillo outside all year long?
The Armadillo hose can be left in inclement weather, however we recommend following common practice by draining the hose and disconnecting it from your outdoor faucet to avoid damage that could occur due to freezing.

Will the metal scratch my car or boat?
Yes. The Armadillo has many unique and valuable functions, but if the hose is dragged across the surface of your car or boat it may cause damage.

Why are the couplings nickel-plated?
Nickel coating prevents leaching of dangerous lead traces commonly found within industry standard brass couplings.

Can I drive over the couplings without crushing or bending?
Yes, the couplings are crush proof with strength comparable to that of steel.

If the outer shell is snapped will the hose leak water?
No, as long as the interior hose is not punctured or cracked The Armadillo will not leak water.

I need multiple 1000 ft units for my construction company’s operations. Can Great Terrain provide custom-made hose lengths to accommodate this request?
Yes, a Great Terrain sales representative can work with you to provide you with the custom length hose application that works best for your business.

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