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The Armadillo Chew Proof Water Hose is ideal for the Pet industry. This product is ideal for pet owners in need of a long-lasting, durable, chew-proof, multi-purpose water hose. Nickel-plated, crush-proof couplings and reinforced nylon-grade tubing provides your pet/s with a fresh water hose that distributes clean odorless and tasteless water. The Armadillo's superior durability provides resilience to destructive pets and rodents.

Pet Friendly / Animal Safe

~ Chew Proof
~ Drink Safe Non-Toxic Hose
~ Shell Constructed of Galvanized Steel
~ Light Weight for General Use
~ Kink-Free Design
~ 200 PSI Durability Rating
~ Residue Free
~ Corrosion & Debris Resistant
~ Temp Guard (Safe to handle 30-130 F)
~ Compatible with all 5/8 water fixtures
~ Crush Proof Nickel Coated Couplings
~ All Weather Grips


6, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100

12 lbs Per 25' Unit

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